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Photo Classes Overview

Digital Cameras Classes

Digital Cameras for Beginners

Digital Cameras Intermediate

Digital SLRs for Beginners

Digital SLR Intermediate

Digital SLR Next Steps – Consistent Results

Lighting Classes

Using Flash with your Digital SLR

Small Flash, Big Studio

Studio Lighting Basics

Photo Software

Organizing and Archiving Your Pictures

Adobe Photoshop Elements™, Beginner

Adobe Photoshop Elements™, Intermediate

Adobe Photoshop Elements™, Advanced

Nikon Capture NX 2.0 for Beginners

RAW Processing in Photoshop & Lightroom

Principles of Photography

Environmental Portraiture

eBay Shooting Workshop

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

Close-up Photography (macro)

Special Event Photography Introduction

Principles of Design and Composition

Zen and the Art of Photography

Workshops & Photo Trips

Parkside Orchid Photo Trip & Macro Photography Workshop

Warwick Apple fest 2010

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Wholesale Photo Academy is Bergen County’s #1 source for learning about photography. 


Wholesale Photo Academy’s classes are full of fun learning, hands on examples and information you can use immediately to improve your photography. We have classes for every skill level from Beginner to Pro and from lots of fun to way too much fun. Over 1000 seats are now available, sign up now!


Browse the course calendar for dates and time.


Our instructors make the difference. They're all Wholesale Photo’s experts and follow precise course guidelines designed to maximize your learning experience. Even after your class ends, Wholesale Photo’s instructors are available to assist and guide you.


Meet our Teachers

Our Instructiors

Matthew Berkman

Matthew Berkman created the Wholesale Photo Academy. He earned his BA at R.I.T. in Photography and Visual Media. His skills include artistic & environmental portraiture, fine art & studio work. He has been working in the photographic industry for 20 years. His primary photographic interests include artistic & environmental portraiture, fine art & studio work. His favorite inspirational photographers include Richard Avedon, David LaChapelle, Diane Arbus & Mark Seliger.

Betsy Coyne

Betsy Coyne is president and founder of Ramsey computer consulting firm The PC Teacher. Betsy specializes in teaching people how to start with very basic skills and guides you on the course to becoming an advanced user. She has a BS degree (1987) from Duke University.



Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones has always had an eye for beauty. She specializes in all forms of outdoor photography She also has a fondness for children & portraiture. She perfected her love of photography by attending School of Visual Arts where she earned her BFA.




Bob Beischer

Bob Beischer has spent most of his career working in photographic labs or as a photographer assistant. He branched out on his own and started Wags To Whiskers Petography where he honed his craft. Influences include William Wegman, Herman Leonard and Graham Watson.



Our class topics include:

Digital Cameras

Lighting & Flash

Photo Software

Principles of Photography

Special Seminars & Workshops



WPA Policy Information



Cancellations two weeks prior to first class will receive a full refund. Cancellations less than two weeks prior receive full store credit for Wholesale Photo and cancellations less than 72 hours prior receive 50% store credit. Partial refunds for classes missed are not available.


Inclement Weather

In times of inclement weather you may call the store to check the status of your class. Please call (201) 444-0777. Wholesale Photo reserves the right to cancel classes with less than 50% enrollment. Full credit will be issued toward the class of student's choice.



Here are the list of classes we are going to be offering:


Free Tips & Gear Seminars

Sharing Your Photos

Better Outdoor Photography

How to Choose & Use Filters

Fall & Winter Sports Photography



Consult the Class Schedule


Special Seminars and Photo Outings

Warwick Apple fest 2010

This unique workshop experience will focus on improving your ability to capture great macro, landscape, and photojournalistic images.



Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras for Beginners

Not sure where to begin with your digital camera? This class will cover what you need to get started.

Digital Cameras Intermediate

Looking for better results with your pictures? Let us take you beyond beginner to the next level of digital photography.

Digital SLRs for Beginners

Digital SLRs offer unmatched options in taking pictures and there are several considerations for getting the results you expect.

Digital SLRs Intermediate

Moving beyond the basics, this course is for digital SLR owners looking to better understand and appreciate their camera.

Digital SLR Next Steps – Consistent Results

This advanced class further explores the key features in your DSLR, including better control of shutter, aperture, and ISO for more consistent, repeatable results.




Using Flash with your Digital SLR

Getting started with external flash with your Digital SLR should be easy. See how painless it can be.

Small Flash, Big Studio

Get big studio results while traveling light and smart! Learn to use modern flash systems to full advantage for a lightweight, wireless studio setup that packs really small and offers fast setup and teardown.

Studio Lighting Basics

Explore the fundamentals of studio lighting and how to decide which lighting solutions are best for you. From a single external flash to multiple strobes to hot lights, we’ll show you the pros and cons of each for different shooting situations.



Photo Software

Organizing and Archiving Your Pictures

Are you overwhelmed with boxes of photos, memory cards that are full and a computer with duplicate photos in several different places?

Adobe Photoshop Elements™ Beginner

Photoshop Elements™ is powerful yet affordable software. Students will receive an overview of many of the useful features this program offers.

Adobe Photoshop Elements™ Intermediate

This hands-on course will take Photoshop Elements users beyond the basics. Class will be part lecture and part hands-on computer lab.

Adobe Photoshop Elements™ Advanced

Explore the more advanced Photoshop Elements features and learn to do more with your pictures. Learn about the power of working with layers in editing your images, managing layers, advanced photo retouching techniques, color correction, and more.

Nikon Capture NX Beginner

Whether you're shooting RAW or JPEG, we'll help you unleash the power in your images by cropping, straightening, color correcting and tweaking them quickly with the Capture NX standard tools and its incredible U Point technology.

RAW File Processing in Adobe Photoshop™

This course is a great way to get started learning about editing your RAW image captures in Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS4.



Principles of Photography

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

This introduction to HDR photography will explore an exciting alternative to shooting high-contrast (high dynamic range) scenes.

Close-up Photography (macro)

Close-up photography can be done with a variety of digital cameras and opens up a wide variety of possibilities for stunning images. This class explores maximizing point and shoot and digital SLR cameras for the best close-up photos.

Special Event Photography Introduction

Are friends and family always asking you to shoot birthdays, christenings, etc.? Are you the one at work who is asked to photograph presentations, ceremonies and other events? We'll explore key photographic techniques for great results in these challenging situations.

Principles of Design and Composition

Learn to improve your pictures with better composition! Whether you're photographing people, landscapes, or other subjects, this class will teach you how to use simple elements and principles to give your images incredible impact.

Zen & the art of photography

“No matter how slow the film, Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer it has chosen” — Minor White

eBay - Shooting for Auctions Workshop

Students will learn proper setup of a mini-studio and creative lighting techniques to highlight the product and the most effective ways of showcasing products which make them SELL.

Environmental Portraiture

By photographing a person in their natural surroundings, you will be able to better illuminate their character and therefore portray the essence of their personality, rather than merely a likeness of their physical features.



Private lessons

Cost: $125/hr 


Consult the Class Schedule






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