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Advanced SLR Class (D3)



Advanced SLR Class

Taking the next steps to better photography has never been easier!


The advanced class is designed for those who have already taken the Intermediate SLR (D2) class and want to continue learning about photography and getting the most out of every picture taking opportunity. Students in this class will learn about the fundamentals of color theory and how this relates to their pictures. Further study of the importance of quality of light and how to control light in any situation. Aspects of changing color temperature to affect the “mood” of a photograph. Learning to understand what a histogram tells us about the information in a photograph. Using the camera’s RAW file type to obtain the highest quality of image and learning how to process RAW files using the various photo editing programs. Additional discussion on the relationship between shutter speeds, apertures, ISO sensitivity and Lens speed. Students are encouraged to bring their camera to class.


Classes are limited to 8 students


Cost for SLR series classes:

- $69 for one class. 

- The second class is only $49 with your ticket.

- All 3 classes prepaid are only $150.





September 24th

6:00 pm

October 13th

6:00 pm

October 22nd

6:00 pm







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