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Additional services



Other services available from Wholesale Photo Cafe & Digital Imaging Center


Wholesale Photo Cafe & Digital Imaging Center offers many other services aside from basic transfer. From video editing to foreign conversion, we can provide you with services you can't get anywhere else.


Video editing

Remove specific parts of video you shot or edit videotape for smooth transitions.


Videotape repair

Replace broken videotape shells and splice together snapped tape.



Have extra copies of your home-made videos or transfers made for gifts or backup copies.


Foreign standard conversion

Convert standard USA (NTSC) videotape to foreign (PAL or SECAM) or vice versa.


Digital Media to DVD-R

Transfer video from other digital media to DVD-R


Additional Service Pricing

To further enhance your film transfer, Wholesale Photo Cafe & Digital Imaging Center offers the following services at an additional charge:




Hard Drive

All Hard Drives come with a 3-Year Manufacturers Warranty and support both USB and Firewire.

320 Gigabyte Hard Drive

$130.00/320GB HD

500 Gigabyte Hard Drive

$185.00/500GB HD

750 Gigabyte Hard Drive

$220.00/250GB HD

1 Terabyte Hard Drive

$300.00/1000GB HD

Audio Tape

Audio Cassette, Reel to Reel Audio Tape or Micro Cassette Converted to Audio CD.

Audio Tape to CD

$69.99/1/2 hour of Audio

DVD Duplication

Includes: DVD-R media tested for quality; Custom Imprint: up to two lines of text, 24 characters and/or spaces per line, and Storage Case

1 Copy


2 to 9 copies


10 to 20 copies


Dual Layer DVD Duplicate


Foreign Videotape Standards Conversions to DVD

Foreign Videotape to U.S. (NTSC) DVD

Foreign Videotape to U.S. DVD


U.S. Videotape to Foreign (PAL) DVD


Additional Disc Needed if video runs over 2 hours

$39.99/Additional 2 hours

Foreign DVD Standards Conversions to U.S. DVD

Foreign (PAL) DVD to U.S. (NTSC) DVD


Videotape Repair VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi8mm, Digi8mm

Repaired and copied to DVD



If you have any questions regarding any of our additional services, please call us at 201-444-0777.






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