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Scanning services



Shoebox Scanning

Now you can bring those old dust-collecting prints into Wholesale Photo Café for an easy and affordable way to archive and preserve your most precious family memories. We can even create a beautiful slideshow movie with music so you can look back on the good times in style. So grab that old shoebox in the closet and let us take care of the rest!



How to prepare your prints for scanning:


1. Bring in all the prints you would like us to scan. Removing each print from its album and making sure that no tape or glue is stuck to the back and any staples are removed.


2. Place all prints in the order you would like to have them scanned and number each print on the back (Additional charges apply for specific order.) For non-ordered scans, please have horizontal prints all together and vertical prints all together. Put images of the same size together (4x6 grouped, 5x7 grouped, 8x10 grouped).


3. Remove all tape, staples, paper clips, glue or other attachments from the prints. Mounted and damaged prints can be scanned for an additional charge.


4. Please take note that images requiring special care will incur a Handling Charge. (This includes images with rips, cracks, tears, glue, tape, staples, thick backing or anything that requires flat-bed scanning.)


Print from Print

We make excellent reproductions of your photos without a negative. We will scan your original photo and produce quality prints on archival photographic paper. We will also make small improvements in vibrancy and color. For images that require more work, we may suggest our Proscan service or Restoration (see pricing below)


After scanning take that CD to our Café and create prints & enlargements for yourself and your family! Choose from glossy or matte finish. Many sizes to choose from.



Print Size


(scan only)




$2.00 each


$1.00 each


$0.90 each


$0.80 each


$0.70 each


$0.60 each

500 up

$0.50 each

Add DVD Slideshow (up to 200 prints)

Only $39.99

Does not Include the price of the print.

Applies to the original prints up to 8x10.

Prints are scanned 300dpi at the original size.

Files are saved JPG format and numbered randomly.


Customer Selected Oder

$0.30 additional each

Unsorted by Size


Damaged or cut

$2.00 addtional each



Print sizes 8x12 or small than wallet


Prints with copyright restrictions cannot be scanned.

Additional scanning charges apply to mounted, damaged, unsorted or oversized prints.


Film Scanning

Our Standard Film Scanning service is intended for email purposes or prints up to 4x6. An affordable way to digitize your film. For a higher quality image our High Res Scanning option is recommended for prints up to 8x12.


Standard Film Scanning

At time of processing (35mm)

$5.00 per roll + CD

From previously developed film

(Slides, 120, 35mm + APS)

$1.00 per frame + CD

CD includes viewing software


High Res Film Scanning (Fuji Frontier)

At time of processing (35mm)

$1.00 per frame

From previously developed

(Slides, 120, 35mm + APS) (1-19)

$5.00 per frame

From previously developed

(Slides, 120, 35mm + APS) (20 up)

$2.00 per frame

CD includes viewing software


Standard CD


Wholesale Photo Premium DVD (pictures)



PROSCAN High-Resolution Scanning (4000dpi)

We can also create very high-resolution scans or “Custom Scans” starting a $9. Custom scanning is required for reproductions 11x14 or larger. We also offer image-capture services for artwork originals and product photography at $30 per image. For images requiring Restoration, additional fees apply (see Restorations)



From Prints, Negative or Slide (up to 8x10)

$9.00 each

From Prints larger than 8x10


From Prints larger than 11x14

By Appointment

Artwork / Product Photography

$30.00 per piece

Images are saved to our archival Premium CD.


For more information please call 201-444-0777






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