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85 Godwin Avenue, Midland Park, NJ  07432

Phone: 201-444-0777 


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Wholesale Photo & Digital

Midland Park Shoping Center

85 Godwin Avenue

Midland Park, NJ



Phone: 201.444.0777


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At Wholesale Photo we are always interested in interviewing potential employees who can offer a great work spirit and have real interest in all aspects of photography. Experience with cameras, computers and software are especially welcome.

People skills are a must.


As a small business, we value each and every employee as well as their individual input and ideas. Our customers are all very enthusiastic about photography and always eager to learn the latest tricks and techniques to continue their growth in creating better pictures.


If you are interested in working in a field that is as creative and rewarding as it is challenging, and have a genuine interest in the exciting, ever-changing digital photography industry, then give us a call at 201-444-0777 and schedule an interview today!





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