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Camera cleaning service 



Digital SLR Sensor Cleaning


Includes cleaning of CCD Sensor only, (for external cleaning of camera body and lens additional charges apply)


Note: We will not remove dust from the focusing screen or viewfinder.


Standard Sensor Cleaning $49.99

Premium Sensor Cleaning
(Full Frame Sensors) $99.99



SLR Camera Cleaning (Film or Digital)


Includes cleaning the mirror and mirror box to remove dust and smudges, cleaning film path, cleaning battery contacts, external cleaning of camera body, cleaning of (1) lens. Checking of aperture and shutter speed settings, check focus, and exposure.


Per camera & lens $29.99

Additional Lens $9.99



Film + Digital Point and Shoot


Includes external cleaning only and wipe down of all exposed optics. Film camera will include the removal of dust from the path.


Per camera $19.99


Please Note: Our in house cleaning service is intended to remove household dust and other airborne objects that may get inside you camera over time during normal use and operation. It will also help to identify any potential problems with the camera that will compromise picture quality. We do not make any claim that this is a repair solution for water or sand damaged cameras or that the camera will operate better as a result of the clean and check. If our technician identifies repair issues during the course of a clean and check he will notify the customer of their options. Options will vary dependent upon the age and condition of the camera.


For more information please call 201-444-0777






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